Kids Eat Free Card Anaheim/Orange County

Kids Eat Free Card Anaheim/Orange County

Have Kids?  Want Free Kids Meals for your entire stay in Anaheim/Orange County?

Get your Kids Eat Free Card from and your child will dine free at amazing theme park and attraction area family restaurants throughout the Anaheim/Orange County area.  Use it all you want for 90 days.  Each card is valid for one free child’s meal with the purchase of a full-price adult entrée.  It’s good for children 11 and younger.  Multiple children will require multiple cards.

How it Works

• Purchase the Kids Eat Free Card Anaheim.

• Browse through the Anaheim section at www.kidseatfreecard.com to discover the restaurants and deals that are perfect for you.

• Then Dine More, Show Your Card and Spend Less!

Price: $19.99

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